“A level of mental fortitude, perseverance and resilience, There is a tonne of pressure,” Alistair Johnston

Alistair Johnston has been speaking about the Glasgow pressure-pot as the Canadian media marvels at the intensity of the Scottish game, with Celtic and theRangers both harbouring genuine title ambitions this season and with Brendan Rodgers’ side eyeing a league and Scottish Cup double while theRangers, who have already won the League Cup have a treble in their sights.

The Celtic right-back recognises that playing your football in Glasgow is much different to what he was previously used to in the MLS.

You can feel the pressure

“It is difficult. You can feel the pressure,” Johnston told Canadian outlet One Soccer. “It’s nothing like I experienced in the MLS just because first of all, the rivalry is just a lot deeper.”

“Just a little. You share the same city so you know when you walk out the door you are going to be loved or hated,” the Celtic right back said.

“That is an interesting thing that you have to learn and deal with quickly. But at the same time you feel the pressure and you are expected to win. Not only are you expected to win, but you are expected to win in a certain way.

It takes a big personality

“We have felt that a lot this year and that has been difficult. There has not been quite as long of that period of grace given when there is a lot of change and a new manager coming in.

“At these clubs there is no time to have that period where you say ‘ok, things are new’ – it’s not like that at these massive clubs. It’s straight in, the pressure is there right from the get go. The expectations are there so dealing with that it takes a big personality.

A tonne of pressure

“That is what I have found at that level – you need to have a level of mental fortitude, perseverance and resilience because not every day is going to be as great as it seems to the outside world. There is a tonne of pressure.”

We certainly don’t need to worry about Alistair Johnston failing to cope with the pressure. You get the impression that he is relishing every minute of it and he is set to play an important part in Celtic’s double pursuit in the coming weeks, starting a week today on Easter Sunday at Livingston.

Just don’t get injured on international duty AJ!

Watch Alistair Johnston’s 1-on-1 interview with One Soccer below…

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