“The aim at Celtic was never to change it,” Brendan’s reminder as Sky’s pressure noted

Brendan Rodgers yesterday welcomed the news that away supporters would be returning to the Glasgow Derby from next season. The Celtic manager reckons that the news is a step in the right direction with 5% of available ticket now going to the away support at both grounds.

Long established allocations

Rodgers though would prefer a return to the previously long established allocations which only changed after his Celtic side won 3-2 at Ibrox with ten men back in early 2018. The Rangers fans had seen enough of the wild celebrations and from the next season the allocation was reduced to just 700 tickets.

Speaking to Sky Sports Scotland, Brendan Rodgers was delighted at the news released by the SPFL yesterday and first reported on our sister site The Celtic Star on 18 February!

Get back to where it was before it was changed

“It’s huge,” Brendan said. “The aim at Celtic was never to change it, so if we can get back to where it was before it was changed that would be absolutely great news for everyone.

“It’s absolutely great news for everyone. It’s certainly something this club has championed for a number of years. It’s an iconic fixture because of the supporters. It deserves for the supporters of both teams to be in.

“There are two sets of people who have missed out. The players, in terms of the game and the atmosphere that’s created, and then, very importantly, the supporters. They are what makes this fixture.

Hopefully over time that can grow

“So to be able to get 2500 supporters into the stadium – and hopefully over time that can grow – is everything. Because the game is about the players on the field and the supporters. Especially in this fixture – this is really what makes it.

“It’s great for the game – and great for Scottish football as a whole that we can produce a game with this sort of passion.”

Sky Sports’ frustrations

Incidentally buried in the statement released on the official website of the latest Ibrox club is an admission that the league broadcasters played a part in this outcome. Perhaps Sky Sports’ frustrations at not getting what they’d paid for because of the lack of away supporters was about to have major implications and that’s why we’ve seen an end of the away fan ban fiasco.

This wasn’t caused by Celtic. Just one club is to blame.

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