Coming next on The Battle To Save Celtic…Brian Dempsey

This is going to be something else from The Celtic Exchange podcast today…Brian Dempsey speaking to Tino about his short-lived time as a Celtic Director and the work that he did over a number of years to force change at Celtic and remove the old board.

On that never to be forgotten night in 4 March 1994, it was of course Brian Dempsey who famously said, while standing on the steps outside Celtic Park, perhaps the most important eight words every spoke about Celtic FC…

“The Game is Over, The Rebels have Won”…

Fergus McCann Celtic director MD with model of new east Stand for Celtic Park

This series from Tino has been exceptional as he talks to the movers and shakers in the dramatic events in the early 1990s when there was a battle for control of Celtic as ordinary supporters, businessmen and even some allies in the media played their part.

Matt McGlone’s mum

Listen to David Low talking about his endeavours to acquire shares that had him travelling around the world, Tom Grant,  Celtic man through and through, putting himself on the right side of history by putting his club before his wallet, and Matt McGlone getting emotional as he recalls thinking he’d throw the towel in and admit defeat in the Celts For Change campaign only for his mum to metaphorically clip him round the ear and tell him to get out there and get the job done.

Sounds like had Mrs McGlone been involved herself she could have turned up at Celtic Park herself and booted the entire old board out the door in one afternoon! Glasgow women, not to be messed with.

Hugh Keevins gets to be a Celtic man again 

Then there’s Hugh Keevins, who must have enjoyed the chance to return to the Celtic family for a day at least, as his own Celtic credentials were confirmed. Younger Celtic supporters who hear him on the radio, or writing that dreadful Celtic bashing column, might be surprised at this. The older fans are just disappointed that a Celtic man, once of high standing, could do the dirty on the club.

Fergus should speak to Tino

Today The Celtic Exchange will post the interview with Brian Dempsey and it’s going to be very interesting indeed. The only ‘player’ that Tino has yet to speak to is Fergus McCann himself and for the sake of documenting the history of the Celtic takeover in 1994, Fergus should also speak to Tino.

Celtic fan media has come a long way in just a few years. With this series Tino at The Celtic Exchange raises the bar further.


“Absolutely superb series, a real eye opener listening to Keevins in the last one. Gets a lot of stick, rightly or wrongly but you could see in the last 5 mins inparticular he is a Celtic man.” Stephen Cairns

“This may be your magnum opus. This is a definitive documentary imo, the club itself could never. I’m only on part 3 but eff me what a job you’ve done. You could easily host a mainstream programme,”  Mordecai67

“Excelled yourself this time Tino, cannae wait…” Peter Marshall

“You’re spoiling us Tino. This is now a body of work. You should be very proud of yourself,” Danny Mcghee

“Outstanding, in depth recount on one of the most pivotal times in the clubs history. What is often forgotten are the personal sacrifices, both in pragmatic terms and personal. Time away from family life to help secure the very existence of Celtic,” Wladek Wolanski

“Brilliant tino I was hoping you would get him on.. every single one so far they have all massively name checked this man.. cannot wait to listen to this keep up the great work!” Maurice Fagan

Here are the episodes so far if you are just hearing about this series…

The Battle To Save Celtic: Part 1 – Matt McGlone, Celts For Change

The Battle To Save Celtic: Part 2 – David Low | “They Got Their Money With Eight Minutes To Spare!”

The Battle To Save Celtic: Part 3 – Jim Orr, Save Our Celts

The Battle To Save Celtic: Part 4 – Tom Grant, Ex-Celtic Director

The Battle To Save Celtic: Part 5 – Hugh Keevins, Sports Broadcaster

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