No offence meant by Brendan Rodgers – BBC Reporter

“I don’t believe there was any offence meant by Brendan Rodgers” – Jane Lewis responds to post-match furore…

Sports Journalist Jane Lewis, has revealed that she doesn’t believe Brendan Rodgers meant to cause any offence during their post-match exchange on Sunday afternoon at Fir Park. The BBC Scotland interviewer caught up with Rodgers to get his views on the game he just witnessed against Stuart Kettlewell’s side, where his team won 3-1.

One thing that Rodgers reiterated in all of his post-match media interviews was that there was a narrative about his team being written in the tabloid press and mainstream media outlets before the campaign had come to an end. Lewis asked him to expand on that assertion but the Irishman refused several times before deciding to cut the dialogue short, as Lewis persisted to quiz him on that specific quote and go over the first-half of the game continuously.

A massive hullabaloo unfolded in the aftermath of the interview, as Rodgers had been perceived to have been sexist by the way he said “good girl” when they finished the interview. Plenty has been spoken and written about that address by the Celtic boss, where some have called for him to apologise for an inference of a misogynistic remark towards the journalist.

Now the reporter has broken her silence and revealed that she doesn’t believe Brendan Rodgers meant anything by the comment and it was all water off a ducks’ back, despite the feeding frenzy surrounding the manager. The BBC reported Jane Lewis as saying: “I don’t believe there was any offence meant by Brendan Rodgers – and for my part, there was none taken.”

It’s good to see that sanity has returned and people can stop losing their mind over a harmless comment. The manager has also mentioned today at his media conference ahead of the Dundee game that he had been in contact with the journalist to see if she had taken offence to anything he had said yesterday afternoon in North Lanarkshire. So it seems as if – as usual – things have been blown well out of proportion by people who should (and actually do) know better.

Paul Gillespie

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